Контроль доступа
Контроль доступа DHI-ASL2101S-W DHI-ASL2101K-W


> 5-way opening: Bluetooth, DMSS App, Mifare Cards, passwords and mechanical keys
> Privacy password: xxx+password+xxx, preventing password to be seen by others
> Passage Mode and Non-disturbance Mode optional
> Auto lock when come across a consecutive invalid passwords or cards
> Low Voltage alarm(<4.5V)
> Huge storage: 50 cards, 50 passwords, 8 Bluetooth
> Emergency power supply outside
> Two colors optional
> Zinc alloy material


Card Type

Mifare 1

Card Features

Contactless, high security, all-in-one possible

Sensor Distance

< 20mm

Sensor Time

< 0.5s

Storage Capacity



Keyboard Type

All-touch keyboard

Password Length

6-12 bits

Storage Capacity


Wireless control

Bluetooth mobile

Max. 8 mobiles phone

Airfly outdoor station

433Mhz wireless mudle built-in

Controlled by VTO2111D-WP(433)


Working Voltage

6V, AA alkaline battery (4pcs)

Battery Life

About 1 year (10 units/D)

Low Battery Warning

< DC4.5V

Emergency Power Supply

9V battery

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