Сигнализация FAD122A-W


> Infrared photoelectric sensor
> MCU processing, eliminate false alarm
> Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
> High detection sensitivity
> Simple ceiling installation using a dedicated bracket
> Up to 3 years battery life using a 3.6V lithium battery
> Low battery indication at least 30 days from warning signal
> Alarm sound level 80dB at 3m(10 feet)
> Frequency: 433MHz

Technical Specification


Wireless Smoke Detector

Work Principle

Photoelectric type

Alarm Sound Volume

80dB at 3m (10 feet)

Alarm Type

Audio and optical alarm

Normal Status

Red LED flashes once every 90s

Alarm Status

Red LED flashes and buzzer beeps continuously

Low Voltage Status

Red LED flashes once every 90s and buzzer beeps every 90s

Low Battery Life

At least 30 days from warning signal

Work Voltage

Lithium battery, DC3.6V

Battery Life

About 3 years

Standby Current


Alarm Current


Center Frequency


Transmitting Power


Transmission Distance

150 meters(open area)

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